2021 Author Info

Authors (As of May 27, 2021)

(Click on the authors’ names to go to their Facebook pages.)

Author Michelle Sass Aleckson
Andrea Christenson

Colleen Coble
Jan Drexler, author
Amy Lynn Green
Author Jocelyn Green
Michelle Griep
Lindsay Harrel, Author
Regina Jennings
Author Julie Klassen
Stephanie Landsem
Shannon McNear
Gabrielle Meyer, Author
Cynthia Ruchti
Lorna Seilstad’s Fan Page
Lauraine Snelling Author
Erica Vetsch Author
Karen Witemeyer’s Author Page
Kimberley Woodhouse
Jaime Jo Wright

We thank all of our 2020 authors who were committed to making our 2020 Retreat a success.

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